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meditate2connect is the home of spiritualist Lawson Patterson

connecting you with non-physical
sharing universal knowledge


Connecting you to the non-physical world of spirit and assisting in facilitating healing.

About Lawson

Lawson Patterson is an american spiritualist that resides with his partner, Bryan Benson, and their pets in the small community of Buena Vista, just outside Independence, Oregon. Having been blessed with the ability to act as a medium and spiritual channel, Lawson has dedicated himself to helping others connect with the non-physical (spirit) world. Lawson is also gifted in the movement and focus of energy which he uses to assist others in the healing process.

"It is my greatest desire that everyone realizes our loved ones have not only never left our side, but they are actively involved in our lives from their non-physical perspective"

~ Lawson Patterson

About Lawson's Work

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Lawson is available for readings, counseling, and healing.

He is often sought out by other gifted individuals who are working to understand their innate gifts and abilities.

Feel free to contact with any questions.

Buena Vista Ferry, Independence, Oregon 97351, United States

(503) 420-9328

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