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About Lawson

Lawson Patterson is an American Spiritualist that resides with his partner, Bryan Benson, and their pets in the small community of Buena Vista, Oregon. After leading a very diverse life, both Lawson and Bryan experienced what they describe as a "radical awakening event", in January of 2013. During this time Lawson began exploring aspects of his journey he could not seem to explain through more conventional methods and his life was forever changed. Realizing his ability to act as a medium and spiritual channel, Lawson has dedicated himself to helping others connect with the non-physical world of spirit and has been working as a professional spiritualist since 2015. Always expressing a desire to help those who struggle, Lawson donates a great deal of his time working with those in recovery and has been blessed to connect with multitudes whom he leaves astonished by his incredible gift. Lawson is also gifted in the movement and focus of energy which he uses to assist others in their healing process of mind, body, and spirit.

"With each interaction, we are being provided an opportunity to either help lift another person or help to tear them down. I can't understand anyone who chooses the latter."
~ Lawson Patterson

About Lawson's Work


The Following Events are Available via Zoom Video Conferencing

"SPIRIT COMMUNICATION" Saturday, May 30, 2020

In this event Lawson will be speaking on spirit communication, how and why it takes place, and its value and significance in our rapidly changing world. After which Lawson will conduct gallery style readings delivering messages from loved ones and guides in the non-physical world of spirit.

This is a $20 event and you need only remit payment to PayPal.me/LawsonPatterson and you will receive a link to join the event on Saturday, May 30, 2020. If you need other payment options or help registering for this event please contact me at LawsonPatterson@meditate2connect.com


Continuing to comply with social distancing requirements Lawson will not be holding any group reading events or classes other than those listed online until further notice. Additional online events to be posted in the near future and I hope to see everyone there.

Schedule Your Private Reading

Private group events are still available from the comfort of your own home. Inquire through email for details.



Lawson is and incredibly gifted psychic who regularly astonishes his clients with the specific and detailed information he provides. Whether you are hoping to speak with a departed loved one or receive guidance and  information regarding life events, including upcoming pitfalls and opportunities, Lawson is bound to astound you.

Feel free to contact with any questions.

Lawson Patterson

Buena Vista, Oregon 97351, United States